Our staff

Our staff

Let us introduce our staff. Welcome to MAG DATA.


Paola Froldi Group CEO

Davide Froldi Group CEO

Elisabetta Piergentili CEO Assistant - Quality Dept. Assistant

Giuliano Porta Group CFO

Cristiano Conti Group COO - Sales Director

Anna Zippa Group HR

Giuseppe Mori IT Manager

Marco Pessina IT Consultant

Cordani Paolo IT Consultant

Marco Lucca Financial & Treasury Dept.

Simone Elefanti Administration & Accounting Dept.

Alessandro Caruso Accounting & Control Dept.

Monica Morosoli Receivables Financial & Accounting Specialist

Roberta Baci Group Marketing Manager

Alessandra Mantelli Product Manager: Print Lamination

Giovanni Valletta Product Manager: Flexible Packaging

Laura Damiani Sales Specialist: Flexible Packaging Italy

Vittorio De Pascale Export Manager: Flexible Packaging

Lorenzo Bocchi Sales Manager: Print Lamination Italy

Gilberto Vitali Sales Specialist: Print Lamination Italy

Thomas Carlone Sales Specialist: Print lamination and Flexible Packaging France

Ilaria D'Angelo Customer Service: Print Lamination

Ylenia Nicolosi Customer Service: Print Lamination

Manuela Vettori Customer Service: Flexible Packaging

Luca Barckhausen Customer Service: Flexible Packaging

Dimer Bencivenni Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Alice Ruberti Regulatory Affairs Assistant

Andrea Pagliettini Regulatory Affairs Assistant

Tiziana Nano Purchasing Specialist: Flexible Packaging and Print Lamination

Jessica Conti Purchasing Assistant

Mara Ghirarduzzi Import Specialist

Stefania Panza Supply Chain and Production Manager

Michele Incerti Stock Operation Specialist

Rossella Gorgoni Logistics Operation Specialist

Nazarena Storchi Logistics Operation Specialist

Marzia Fulgoni Company Hospitality and Staff Assistance

Giovanbattista Sirimarco Vice Production Planner

Roberto Minari Shipping Specialist

Petrit Ramilli Stock Handling Specialist

Claudio Soncini Stock Handling Specialist

Antonio Ciaramella Stock Handling Specialist

Vincenzo D'Amato Slitting Specialist

Julien Akpagnonite Slitting Specialist

Alessandro Anedda Slitting Specialist

Raffaele Capuozzo Slitting Specialist

Salvatore Sangemi Slitting Specialist

Fabio Palmeri Slitting Specialist

Davide Lo Triglia Stock Handling Specialist

Mirjan Xhaferri Stock Handling Specialist