TOP 500 Parma: Mag Data is again among the top 100.


TOP 500 Parma: Mag Data is again among the top 100.

On 5 December, the eighth edition of TOP 500 Parma was held at Crédit Agricole Green Life, the annual appointment that represents a snapshot of the territory's production system, made up of more than 41,000 companies, carried out on the basis of the 2021 balance sheets of the top 500.

TOP 500 is by now a fixed appointment for the entrepreneurial and professional environment of Parma, thanks to the joint work of the University of Parma, PwC and Odcec, which is summarised in the 90-page book published by the Gazzetta di Parma.

The first data to emerge from the analysis of the 2021 balance sheet data is that the economy is growing. Overall, the figures are very encouraging, as one might legitimately expect: turnover growth touches +23%, average profit +17% compared to Top500 for the year 2020.

Of course, the many 'plus' signs that mark 2021 are linked to the fact that it follows a very special year and we are now facing some very tough new challenges, but they are also stimulating data, which speak of resilience and a new start.

In this ranking, Mag Data has further improved its position compared to the previous year, moving from 95th to 92nd place. A result that rewards the continuous improvement process that characterises the company in every aspect and that does not stop even in the most complex situations.

We are happy to share this result with our customers, partners and employees, who all together contributed to its achievement.

For those who would like to view the complete Top500, you can find it HERE.