The best prints deserve Mag Data Protect


The best prints deserve Mag Data Protect

Has it ever happened to you that the laminated prints with a matt film show some scratches?

MAG DATA PROTECT is a matt "anti-scratch" film which, unlike the standard version, guarantees high resistance to scratches resulting from use and from scuffs that might occur with some post-printing processes.

Using a film of this type allows you to deliver to the customer a high quality work destined to last longer over time in optimal conditions. As well as avoiding any complaints with the final result performed.

MAG DATA PROTECT is available in both WET and DRY version.

The DRY version, i.e. with thermal activated adhesive, is available both for offset printing and with special adhesive for digital toner printing.

This version ensures a high level of grip and is particularly recommended on dark prints and in case of works that need to be folded, creased or sharp cut after printing, to avoid the risk of delamination or lifting.