TEMPTATION X: velvet film anti-fingerprints and scratch resistant


TEMPTATION X: velvet film anti-fingerprints and scratch resistant

Velvet films are among the most elegant and attractive products available on the market for protecting and enhancing printed matter.

They embellish the covers of fashion catalogues, the most sophisticated packaging, brochures and communication tools of companies that want to stand out.

However, traditional soft films are rather delicate and can be scratched during post-press operations such as creasing, folding or cutting.

They can also retain the memory of fingerprints on the surface, which means that finishing operators have to work very carefully.

Sometimes this feature even surprises and disappoints the end customer.

Temptation X is the film that solves these problems: it maintains a very soft tactile effect but, thanks to a special treatment that makes it less porous and delicate, it is not subject to scratching and has a very high resistance to the impression of fingerprints on its surface.

This special resistance also gives it the ability to avoid the so-called 'ghost effect' in case of screen printing, varnishing and hot stamping.

Temptation X, available in both dry and wet versions, is therefore a material that lends itself to the manufacture of premium products that demand excellent quality and durability, and allows you to offer your customers a finished product that is always impeccable