TEMPTATION, the velvety film that simplifies the manufacturing process


TEMPTATION, the velvety film that simplifies the manufacturing process

Today there are several velvety films on the market, also called soft, with different characteristics.

TEMPTATION is a high quality velvety film, with a "soft" surface pleasant to the touch. This film stands out compared to other films of the same category for its higher level of adhesion, even when applied at temperatures slightly above the standard.

The velvety films are made thanks to the application of a special coating on their surface. This coating is added to the film itself and to the glue in case of dry films.

This treatment results in a partial "barrier-effect", which prevents the tansmission of heat from the calender of the laminator to the film. This heat has the purpose of dissolving the glue and making it adhere to the printing supports.

This is why with velvety films is usually better to work with higher temperatures compared to the normal glossy and matt films (except for those films with a special glue for digital as Velour). One of the consequences, however, could be the risk of degrading the film and shrinking it excessively if you don't work carefully.

TEMPTATION makes things easier. As a matter of fact, thanks to the lower barrier effect determined by its coating, it requires a low temperature and makes the process less critical. 

Moreover, thanks to its very fine-grained velvety surface, it has the additional advantage of having a good resistance to handling and fingerprints.

Finally, again due to the features of the coating applied, it is a film well suitable for processing such as digital screen printing with digital radical UV-curing systems with Scodix, MGI and Duplo: its surface guarantees defined lines for 3D processing.

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