PET PCR, the 'virtuous' polyester


PET PCR, the 'virtuous' polyester

The use of plastics, which are essential for many processes, is an open topic of discussion.

One particularly hot topic is the need to prevent plastics from being released into the environment.

At Mag Data, creating a circular economy in which plastic waste can be recycled into new raw materials is a virtuous solution to which we want to make an active contribution.

Today we are able to offer a range of very interesting WET solutions in transparent and metallised recycled polyester (PET PCR).

PCR stands for "post-consumer recycled" and identifies post-consumer recycled plastics, which guarantee the same physical and mechanical characteristics and processability as traditional plastics derived from synthetic sources, but with a low environmental impact.

These plastics are derived from household plastic waste, such as water and beverage bottles, which are made of PET, and are therefore particularly valuable, as they are in fact finished products returned to the consumption chain and not industrial processing waste.

Our range is also particularly virtuous, as the percentage of recycled material is very high: 90% or more of the total.

The PET PCR range offers a viable alternative to conventional PET products, without any reduction in quality or performance.

It is a solution that can contribute effectively to overcoming one of the most important challenges of our time, that of plastic waste management, by working together consciously towards a common goal.

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