Mindfulness in the Company


Mindfulness in the Company

Mag Data has organised a Mindfulness course for its employees, which started last Friday, aimed at enriching those approaching it for the first time with a new and useful experience and at further integrating it for those who already know and use it.

The practice of Mindfulness is very useful in maintaining a correct personal 'centring', which has the effect of improving both relationships with others and one's own well-being.

In the most challenging moments of one's life, both in the personal and professional spheres, it can be an invaluable support in improving the quality of life of the individual.

The practice revolves around two fundamental concepts: awareness and concentration.

Awareness is nothing other than the ability to act as intentionally as possible, directing a precise but non-judgmental gaze at everything one does, says, thinks.

Concentration is the positive effort of the mind that trains itself to direct attention to its object in a pure way, without the interference of thought that is affected by past experience or projections about the future.

The practice of Mindfulness promotes in the long run a state of non-reactive calm, an empty space between happening and subjective response that allows the mind to face the present for what it is, without overloading reality with additional suffering derived from thoughts, expectations, resistances and judgments.

For this reason, it is a particularly useful practice in all areas of personal life, including work.

The course will end in June and we will be happy to share the result of this experience with clients, suppliers and all those who are curious to know more.