Mag Data Group strengthens its leadership in Europe with the acquisition of Ultralen


Mag Data Group strengthens its leadership in Europe with the acquisition of Ultralen

Acquisition of Ultralen S.r.l. and Ultralen Film GmbH

Colorno (Parma), June 19th, 2019 - We are pleased to announce that Mag Data Group has completed the acquisition of Cerfin Group, which controls the Companies Ultralen S.r.l. and Ultralen Film GmbH.

Through this acquisition Mag Data Group consolidates its leading position as a PET and BOPP films distributor in the paper and board lamination sector and in the flexible packaging sector in Italy and all over Europe.

After over 30 years of intense activity and profitable business on the market, this agreement marks for Mag Data Group an important milestone. Besides, it opens a new chapter of investments and synergies.

The union between two Groups, which share the same vision and principles, will expand the activity in terms of volumes and budget. Besides, it will create a stronger customer support through a wider offer of products, expertise and tailored services.

Davide Froldi, CEO and co-owner of Mag Data Group together with his sister Paola Froldi, thus comments the acquisition process: ”Paola and I are excited to welcome Ultralen S.r.l. and Ultralen Film GmbH to our family and we look forward to joining forces.

Mag Data Group and the Ultralen Group are pillars in the distribution market and are well known for their competence and professionalism.

The contribution of both teams in terms of skills and knowledge will further improve the services of the newly born Group.

We are sure that this union will benefit both our existing clients and the Ultralen Group’s customers, who receive today our warmest welcome”.


About Mag Data Group


The Company was founded in 1985. It is a leader in the BOPP and PET films distribution for paper and board lamination as well as films for flexible packaging and graphic applications. The two subsidiaries of the Company in France and Germany were established in the 1990s, while 2002 saw the establishment of Lamtech Srl. The Company focused on the distribution of special films for applications in the graphics, publishing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

During the last 20 years the Group has been expanding in the flexible packaging market for food and industrial applications. Furthermore, a few years ago Mag Data Group entered the market of UV varnishes and related products for Offset and Flexography applications.

The Group is made up of various companies and has always been interested in offering new products and establishing collaborations to strengthen its strategic presence on the market.


About Ultralen Group


The Ultralen Group has been operating in the BOPP and PET films distribution sector for over 30 years.

The Group has two headquarters, one located in the extreme southwest of Germany in the border triangle formed by Germany, France and Switzerland, and the other in the North Italian city of Brescia, as well as an additional off-premise warehouse in Spain.

Ultralen offers an extensive range of premium-quality film products for paper and board lamination, digital and print finishing applications.