Mag Data Group joins Giflex


Mag Data Group joins Giflex

Mag Data Group has joined Giflex as a supplier company.

The Association groups together manufacturers of flexible packaging destined for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial markets, and brings together the entire world of flexible packaging, in Italy and abroad.

It currently represents 91 companies divided into two categories: 40 national and multinational manufacturers with plants in Italy and 51 Italian and multinational companies that supply raw materials, processing machines, accessories and services for the flexible packaging industry.

The sector in Italy employs around 10,000 people with a production of around 400,000 tonnes and a turnover of over 3 billion euros and Giflex with its 40 companies represents around 80% of the sector in Italy in terms of both volume and turnover. In Europe, it is a member of FPE, Flexible Packaging Europe.

The entry of Mag Data Group in Giflex goes along with the Group's presence in the Italian Packaging Institute and is functional to the sharing of sector studies, scientific researches, market analysis and legislative issues with the associates.

These activities represent a great added value for our organisation and for the quality of our proposal to the Flexible Packaging market.


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