Look & Touch


Look & Touch

From the Vocabulary of the Treccani Encyclopaedia: Multisensory (neologisms, 2008)

Composed of the confix multi- added to the adjective sensory. Adj. 'Involving more senses of the human body'. - Multimedia, in short, by proposing its constructions in a multisensory dimension, implies a 'new' creativity that tends towards a syncretism of effects and a combination of stimuli, both at the level of production and at the level of reception. (cit: Sole 24 Ore, 10 November 2000, p. 55, New Economy)

Rough Touch is the protective film that best interprets the concept of multisensoriality applied to our business field, adding a rough effect to the print that thus becomes an object to LOOK & TOUCH.

It is ideal for innovative PACKAGING, attractive COMMERCIAL PRINTING and unusual COVERS of publishing products. A product recently introduced to the market, it has quickly become the alter ego of SOFT, the first representative of the multi-sensorial concept in the world of printed paper.

Available in Wet and Dry versions for both offset and digital printing.