CUSTOMIZATION: the right width and length for every need


CUSTOMIZATION: the right width and length for every need

Not all laminators on the market assemble rolls with the same characteristics, especially in case of machines for "dry" film. Some models can use rolls 3,000 meters long, for others it is better to stop to 1,000 meters. Others do not have enough space for lengths over 500 meters.

For what concerns widths, not all sizes are suitable for the work being printed.

A 315mm roll, perfect for example for those who print on a 32 x 45 cm SRA3, may not be enough for those who prefer larger paper sizes.

In case of very optimized imposition and printing very close to the edge, it is better to use a 325 or even 330 format.

In Mag Data we have a stock of 9,500 pallets and 7 production lines to satisfy all your needs in the best way possible.

Furthermore, the purchase of rolls with reduced length is also a good way to test new materials or to have a wide stock of particular finishings, without significant financial commitments.

All this with the fastest delivery times on the market, an obsessive attention to quality and prices that are always in line with the competitive needs of the market.

We are happy to make you work well.