Certification EN71 for Antibacterial Film


Certification EN71 for Antibacterial Film

The EN 71 is a European standard regulation that specifies safety requirements for toys. It lays down a set of rules about chemicals, heavy metals, inflammability, mechanical and physical properties of the materials.

The regulation has been transposed into Italian legislation and published in Italy by the Italian National Unifications (UNI) under the name UNI EN 71.

Our gloss and matt Antibacterial Films are supplemented by this certification. This feature makes them suitable for the use in the production of material intended for children and school use.

Toy boxes, books, school diaries, cards, cardboard toys: several toys for children need to be protected with a film lamination.

With this antibacterial film we have created an extremely interesting product: it protects the objects from dirt and wear, it eliminates 99% of bacteria from its surface. Besides, it protects children from risks associated with an inappropriate use of the objects.

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