The new Temptation X Digital, a velvety film for digital, with fingerprint and scratch resistant properties, has arrived.

This film, which is already in the range in an offset version, has proved particularly popular for application on very dark backgrounds, in the production of packaging, high-quality publishing products and shopping bags.

Point-of-sale product packaging made with Temptation X and Temptation X Digital, in particular, is much more resistant to the customer's touch as the film does not 'absorb' leather oiliness and does not retain fingerprints

Whether for wine or spirits packaging, leather goods, jewellery or perfumery, Temptation X preserves their elegant and polished image and retains their attractiveness over time.

The scratch resistance also has the advantage of protecting the print from the marks of finishing equipment and, again, maintains the beauty of the finished product over time.

Temptation X Digital - cod DTX - length 1,500 metres