Mag Data joins Argi


Mag Data joins Argi

Mag Data Group has joined Argi, the Association that groups the main suppliers of products for the Graphic Industry.

The Association actively promotes actions aimed at making more and more satisfactory the relationship between members and their reference customers, also through the organization of events, video-casts, webinars, exchange meetings, as well as initiatives to support graphic schools.

The Argi Observatory is a tool for analysing trends in the graphics industry market and its findings enable members to constantly improve the responsiveness of their offerings to the needs of their reference customers.

Membership of the Association also includes adherence to the "Manifesto" on behavioural models, the first step in a process aimed at enhancing and strengthening companies in the sector that operate according to criteria that are consistent with proper growth and protection of the entire supply chain.

At Mag Data Group, we therefore felt that joining the Association was a step in line with our strategic approach, based on constantly listening to customers and their needs and oriented towards continuous improvement of our offer, in compliance with ethical principles shared at all levels and applied in all our activities.

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