Glossy and matt Silver meet thanks to Scodix and Mag Data


Glossy and matt Silver meet thanks to Scodix and Mag Data

Let's talk one more time about a topic that gets everyday more and more discussed: Lamination & Digital Enhancement.

This time we want to thank Monacalieri's Paperskin for welcoming us in the digital enhancement department. There we were able to continue our test activity on the dry film range with their Scodix Ultra Pro Foil.

Paperskin has been the reference partner since 1983 in the enhancement services of medium and large graphic, paper converters and publishing companies. Today it also offers the Digital Enhancement service with Scodix.

For the tests we used a 250gr matt coated paper, laminated with glossy, matt, velvety, scratch-resistant films and with the new OPAQUE SILVER: Silver Dry Matt, Silver Dry Temptation (velvety) and Silver Dry Protect (anti-scratch).

After the enhancing tests, again with Scodix, we added the Glossy Silver Foil and obtained a truly refined glossy/matt contrast result!

Thanks to the ability to enhance glossy finishings, whether they are varnishes or foils, we believe that the Mag Data Silver Dry range of matt silver polypropylene films is destined to become a real must in the world of packaging, cosmetics, fashion and all those applications that benefit from this impactful effect!