Colorno, 1 January 2012

Dear Customer,

in case of goods considered out of standard (on the basis of the features indicated on Technical Data Sheet, readable from our web site), it is possible to contact us to receive assistance. In order to receive assistance from us, it is necessary to provide to us the below information. This information is necessary to let us to study the compliant, verifying the non-conformity and take the proper precautions.


• Label of claimed roll, clearly readable in all its part.

• Invoice reference.

• Sample of film from the same claimed roll.

• Sample of laminated sheet in which it is visible the problem.

Labels and Invoice details can be sent by email to or by fax n° 0521/525329. Samples of film and laminated sheets can be sent using the address indicated on the top of this document. Otherwise, it is possible to give all together directly to our Sales Agents.

Here below some tips useful to avoid the most common problems on lamination process:

1. Choose the type of film and technology of lamination on the basis of the expected result (traditional lamination or thermal lamination).

2. In the case of particular application, refer to the data sheets of films to choose the correct one.

3. Always observe the suggested times and temperatures during the lamination.

4. Check the compatibility paper-ink-film.

5. Creasing of thick support require additional attention to the used ink and film.

6. In case of low temperatures in warehouse (winter time), allow the film to achieve an optimum operating temperature bringing the roll in advance at the lamination area

1. Be sure about the drying of the inks (it is imperative to laminate on a perfectly dried inks).

2. Be sure that after the lamination, the film can receive further process.

3. In any case, verify the final result before proceeding with the entire job.

We suggest to verify always the characteristics of our film before starting production of large print runs. Since Mag Data and Spa Lamtech S.r.l. are not in a position to predict or control the conditions in which their films are used, it is not possible to guarantee their performance.

Any liability of Mag Data and Spa Lamtech S.r.l. is reduced to the replacement / compensation of its films.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Marketing Technical Service