Inks drying checking

Date: 27 March  2013

Before proceeding with lamination of printed sheet it is necessary to verify if inks are completely dried. This is a very important check in order to obtain a good adhesion of film on paper. In fact, laminating printed sheets with inks not completely dried is a frequent cause of delaminations. This phenomenon will be more noticeable at the areas of creasing or other kinds of mechanical pressures. This phenomenon comes from a not stable layer on which the adhesive has to realize its bonding power.

Therefore, it is essential to wait until the inks are perfectly dried, paying particular attention to the case in which the sheets have been printed with high density (there is a lot of ink), dark colors or metallic inks.

There is also the case in which the sheets have a primer on the surface. In the latter case you should check that the paper is suitable for lamination.


Since the printing could be only apparently dried (while the inner layers of the inks may be still not fully cross-linked), it is necessary to use a more severe method than a simple check by rubbing.

Therefore, it is suggested to brush a little quantity of TURPENTINE above some sheets took randomly from the stack. If inks are perfectly dried you should not see colored strips. If yes, It is necessary to leave sheets to dry for additional  time before proceeding with the lamination.

Please note that TURPENTINE is  irritant and flammable, it is advisable to consult its safety data sheet provided by the manufacturer.


Marketing Technical Service

Stefano Galderisi